The castles of the Czech Republic will work at night

The castles of the Czech Republic will work at night
Kralstein castle in the Czech Republic
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Castles of the Czech Republic decided to work at night to facilitate the tourists met with ghosts.

Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the Czech Republic and it is not only connoisseurs of the world's best beer, but also people wanting to touch something mysterious, ancient and exiting. And they found it in the Czech Republic, in fact there is such a quantity (more than 2.5 thousand) of ancient castles with wonderful, sometimes terrible, history, and in many of them, some people say, you can meet with the ghost, or to see the ghost of the famous historical figure. We know that the Czech capital Prague in the Middle Ages was considered as the city of alchemists and witches.

Therefore, taking into account the huge demand for the ancient legends and mysticism, most Czech castles and fortresses of this summer will be available for tourists for visiting at night. And in the most famous castles will be held special evening and night programs. For example, in the Czech castle of Krzhivoklat on July 31 will be held the night performance, a story about love of Ferdinand of the Tyrol, a representative of the Habsburg dynasty, to a simple girl Philippina. And the second largest Czech castle of Cesky Krumlov until the end of the summer will be held about a dozen of overnight excursions. In this palace, according to the legend, lives the most famous in Eastern Europe ghost - the ghost of the White Lady. According to legend, the ghost of the barber’s daughter Margaret, who lived in the castle and was killed in the fit of jealousy of her lover Julius, the son of the Emperor Rudolph II. Since then, she appears at night with the keys in her hands and in white clothes. And on July 22 in Konopišt (XIII century) after the sunset the tour for everyone who wants it will be held personally by the countess Wilma Lanysova. Also a special night tour will be arranged in the castle of the Emperor Charles IV, it will be held on July 21 at 21.00.

In addition, evening and night programs will be held in such castle as: Zhleby, Tochnik and Karlstein.

Date: 18/07/2009


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