The Feast of oysters in the county of Kent

The Feast of oysters in the county of Kent
The Feast of oysters in the county of Kent
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In the south-east England, on the coast of the North Sea eight kilometers from Canterbury is located a small cozy town of Whistable. In addition to the ancient architectural monuments (the city is surrounded by the ruins of Roman buildings of the II century AD), Whistable is world-famous with its oyster farms. It oyster supplies to all over the world, as well as tourists who come specifically to Whistable to enjoy a delicacy, form the basis of the prosperity of the city. It is therefore not surprising that the city reveres St. James (the patron saint of oysters) and here even is annually hold a special festival of oysters in his honor.

The festival of oysters in Whistable enjoys great popularity among Britons and lasts exactly one week from 18 to 25 July, when the day of Saint James is celebrated. The number of the city's population doubles during the festivities by visitors, so booking of room in local hotels is preferred to be made in advance. According to ancient tradition, during the celebration takes place the ceremony of thanksgiving to the God for the catch and the calm sea. During this ceremony, the whole day catch of oysters is blessed by local clergy, and then the festive procession with the blessed mollusks, headed by the mayor, goes through the whole city, and only after that the oysters was on the market and in the restaurants. In the same evening at the city’s Reeves Beach takes place the blessing of the sea, a very solemn and memorable spectacle. Throughout the festival beach participants built small sand caves that adorned with the oyster shells and lit candles.

In addition to seafood lovers Whistable attracts a large number of artists who love this coast for the extraordinarily beautiful sunrises. Almost all coastal small houses are rented by the lovers of painting and beautiful scenery.

Date: 15/07/2009


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at laat the oyster capital is discovered. I like such small town pretty much.