In the Spanish province will be held funeral festival

In the Spanish province will be held funeral festival
In the Spanish province will be held funeral festival
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In the north-western Spain in the province of Pontevedra, almost on the border with Portugal is situated the city of As Neves. This quiet and small town every year attracts a huge number of tourists and pilgrims, who outnumber in several times its population. Because on 29 July of each year here is held the so-called "coffin procession", a holiday in honor of St. Martha, worshiped as the "Holy of the death" (Fiesta de Santa Martade Ribarteme). Actually, in Spain there is a great variety holidays arranged in honor of the Holies, the central action of this day is a religious procession, during which the priests carry a the statue of the Saint, relics and other attributes of faith, however, Fiesta de Santa Martade Ribarteme stands out of the crowd. The point is that in the procession can take part only those who have recently cheated death by a miracle, so it is also called "the march of the almost dead." The participants of the unusual procession get into the coffins, which are carried on the shoulders of their friends or relatives. Single people carry their coffin on their own. At noon to the Church of St. Martha, who is the patroness of the city, are going the participants of the ceremony, came from all over the country, they listen to the mass, which is being broadcasted through the large speakers. After the mass, "the coffin procession" goes to the cemetery, where it will make several ritual circles around the church. In the head of the procession wandsmen carry the figure of the Saint, who is holding in her hands a silver tray to collect donations.

It is worth noting that, despite the solemn symbols of the event, all the same it is a holiday. Around the "miraculously cheated death" sounds cheerful music, dance dancers and are held performances, and in local restaurants for anyone is preparing a special dish, the octopus with spices.

Date: 15/07/2009


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