Knights' tournament in Aarhus, Denmark

Knights' tournament in Aarhus, Denmark
Knights' tournament in Aarhus, Denmark
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In the east of the Jutland peninsula, in the second largest city of Denmark, Aarhus, on July 16 will start the annual festival dedicated to medieval culture. The festival is called "Vikings’ Fair". For the whole four days the capital of Jutland Aarhus will turn into a medieval town with the nobility, knights, kings and commoners, with cheerful fairs and jousts. Although people should pay to enter the festival (the ticket’s price will be about 7 euros), all visitors won’t regret even for a minute for the spent money. Organizers of the festival in Aarhus do everything possible so that the guests could feel the romantic atmosphere of the legendary Middle Ages, which is preserved only on the pages of the knight novels and screens of the historical films. Tourists can visit the street artists who will perform the plays of medieval authors, to laugh at the acting buffoons. At the fair, you can buy souvenirs and trinkets that were in fashion several centuries ago, and in the surrounding restaurants to try dishes made according to old recipes and without the use of modern technology.

Aarhus is one of the oldest cities in Denmark; it is a cultural center, the city of the university and the second most important port in the country. Aarhus’s citizens ironically call it "the smallest of the big cities in the world." Here, in the first week of September is held the biggest cultural event in Northern Europe, the annual Aarhus Festival, which includes over 300 events, from concerts of the classical music and opera to rock performances and show of the festival's films.

Tourists visiting this beautiful city will also be interested to visit such cultural and historic monuments like: the Gothic Cathedral of XIII-XV centuries (the largest Church of the country), the church of Frukirkhe (XI-XV century), the Old Town Hall (1857), the unique museum of Vikings and the observatory.

Date: 15/07/2009


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