Mardan Palace Hotel - the most luxurious hotel of Turkey

Mardan Palace Hotel - the most luxurious hotel of Turkey
Mardan Palace Hotel - the most luxurious hotel of Turkey
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At the popular Turkish seaside resort Antalya was opened one of the most expensive hotels, Mardan Palace. Mardan Palace has become a record breaker of investments in construction in the Turkish hotel market, on the construction of the hotel was spent around 1.5 billion dollars.

According to critics and representatives of tour operators, Mardan Palace Hotel will raise the rest in Turkey to new heights, the luxury and grandeur of the hotel complex defies the best hotels of Emirates. During its construction and decoration have been used more than 10 thousand square meters of gold leaf, 500 thousand crystals of crystal and 23 thousand square meters of Italian marble. Antique chairs set out in the hall, cost 80 thousand euro, and dining sets cost the owners of the hotel about $ 16 million. Such a range automatically puts Mardan Palace Hotel in the three most expensive hotels of the world.

Architecture of the hotel is presented in three different styles, Anatolian Wing (Ottoman style), the shell of its shape resembles the silhouette of the famous buildings Kuleli built in 1845, which served as the highest military school. There are 225 rooms: Premium, Superior, Grand Deluxe Dublex, Presidential Suite, from the windows there are spectacular views of the mountains. European Wing (modern European design) includes 203 rooms and Dolmabahce Wing (design in a style of the palace Dolmabahche in Istanbul). All rooms are equipped with interactive multimedia, mediasystems, large plasma panels, wireless Internet. It is noteworthy that the hotel has the largest outdoor swimming pool in the world, with an area of 16000 square meters, it is surrounded by water street where you can swim in the gilded Sultan gondola, and its "banks" are —Āonnected by graceful bridge made after the drawing of Leonardo da Vinci.

Date: 22/06/2009


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