Camp site on Baikal is ready to receive tourists

Camp site on Baikal is ready to receive tourists
Camp site on Baikal is ready to receive tourists
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For fans of real solitary rest in a place surrounded by virgin nature, the company "Baikal Adventures" offers to visit a unique camp site on the shore of Lake Baikal. Camp "Ekotour" is a barge that had been converted into a hotel in 1990-s. But last year it was closed for reconstruction. And after significant changes a floating hotel "Ekotour "stood at anchor in the bay of Snake in Chivyrkuisky Gulf. Now it has a small cinema, bar, gym, famous Baikal bathhouses, located right on the water and swimming pools with healing herbal potions, there is also wireless Internet. Maximum number of guests no more than 40 people who can be accommodated in 12 comfortable double rooms, but for those wanting more privacy on the shores there are four spacious yurts, which are ideal for family holidays or a small company of friends.

For the guests of Ekotour there is a wide choice of entertainment, water-skiing, catamarans and boats, hiking trips into the surrounding forest. There is a wooden quay at the recreation area, where tourists can sunbathe or make a picnic, but romantic fans will be able to watch the stars every night through a telescope. In addition, on a comfortable cutter, you can make water trips on Chivyrkuisky Bay, as well as to visit the Island of St. Helena, Lake Arangatuy, Barguzin Valley, Datsan and Barguzin ridge.

Snake Bay in the Chivyrkuisky Gulf is located on the territory of Zabaikalsky National Park, which is a specially protected natural zone, and one of the most virgin corners of the sacred lake, there are famous hydrosulphuric healing springs, and summer water temperature is up to +23 ° C. All human activity is under strict control: one can not light campfires, cut down trees, leave the paths, and even collect flowers.

Date: 19/06/2009


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