French Art Festival will be held in Carcassonne

French Art Festival will be held in Carcassonne
French Art Festival will be held in Carcassonne
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In France, in the biggest and the most famous medieval fortress in Europe, Carcassonne, in the beginning of July will be held the traditional Festival of the Arts Festival des Cites. From 4 to 31 July, an ancient citadel will become a theater, the stage which will host many theatrical performances, opera stagings and concerts of both classical and contemporary music. Already confirmed their participation such famous singers and musicians like Patricia Caas, Depeche Mode, Status Quo, Scorpions, Lenny Kravitz, Toulouse Capitol National Orchestra, the ballet performance "Bejart Ballet Lausanne" and many others. And the Festival will be opened with the opera of Giuseppe Verdi «Rigoletto». During three weeks of the festival in Carcassonne will be held about 90 performances, entrance to most of them will be free.

Carcassonne, the city-castle, today is one of the most visited places in France. Located in the French province of Languedoc Roussillon, it is a thrilling spectacle. The majestic fortress, a masterpiece of 13th century fortifications, surrounded by two rows of walls with 52 towers at a height of 25 meters, in size Carcassonne can accommodate 10 ordinary (of those time) castles. In the Middle Ages Carcassonne could be compared only with the castle of Order of Ioannites Crack- de-Chevalier in Syria and a stronghold of Rumelihisary in Istanbul. Thanks to the genius of the ancient architects of the city-castle it remained practically unchanged until the present day (a small reconstruction was carried out in 19th century). Now behind the walls tourists will be greeted by historical museums, ancient churches and a maze of streets with souvenir shops, antique shops, restaurants and hotels. Here you can taste wine Corbieres, which is made from local grapes. In 1997, the architectural complex of Carcassonne was listed by UNESCO to the fund "World Heritage".

Date: 16/06/2009


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