Shipan Island in Croatia was given a prestigious award

Shipan Island in Croatia was given a prestigious award
Shipan Island in Croatia was given a prestigious award
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German magazine Geo Saison, specializing in tourism and travelling, has announced the name of the winner of the 17th competition for the most exciting and unforgettable trip. This time the prestigious award "Golden Palm" was given to Shipan Island in Croatia for the best children recreation program "Adventure Island ". During this program tourists traveling with children was offered a educational tour around the island, pirates’ attack was performed for the children and a visit to ancient ruins, spending the night near the fire in the open and observing of the stars, as well as large number of competitions and entertainment of all kinds. The "Adventure Island" was recognized as the best by judges from more than 250 similar projects.

Shipan Island is the biggest and most picturesque island of the Elafit archipelago (other inhabited islands are Kolochep and Lopud), it is located only 17 kilometers from the popular Croatian resort of Dubrovnik and the covered with vineyards and gardens with fig and olive plantations. And while modern name of the island is already founded in 1371, its history is much older. Excavations have revealed remains of palaces belonging to the Roman era, as well as the summer residence of Dubrovnik aristocracy. On Shipan preserved more than 30 churches and architectural monuments of the Renaissance. The island has only two small but very picturesque towns: Sudurad in the southern part of the island and Sipanska Luka in the north. These cozy small towns, located in small bays, will surprise visitors with an atmosphere of calmness and appeasement; there are many small cafes and restaurants, where guests are offered delicious seafood dishes from the many species of coastal waters. Crystal-clear sea, many fish species, as well as cozy bays with wild sandy beaches attracts each year more and more tourists and fishing enthusiasts.

Date: 21/05/2009


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