In Poland has been opened the park of dinosaurs DinoZatorland

In Poland has been opened the park of dinosaurs DinoZatorland
Zator, Poland, castle
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In August 2008, in south-western Poland, near the village of Lipie Śląskie were found the remains of an unknown to the science dinosaur aging of more than 200 million years, which makes it the most ancient representative of the species of the giant pangolin. And in spring 2009 Poland again surprised the whole world with its dinosaurs, but on another occasion. In the city of Zator (Malopolskie voivodship), just 50 kilometers west from Krakow was held the grand opening of the park of dinosaurs DinoZatorland. DinoZatorland includes directly the Park (located in the forest with centennial "prehistoric" trees), children's attractions, recreation area and a historical museum of skeletons and fossils. And this very diversity, according to the organizers, makes DinoZatorland a wonderful place for the family week-end.

On the fascinating route through the forest, the children will be told about the history of Earth's flora and fauna, they will not only hear the roar of dinosaur, but will be able to see these prehistoric pangolins, animated life-size models with the smallest details of the anatomy of the body and skin structure of the reptiles. During the tour, children will see the same figures and the sites of the first people.

All models of the DinoZatorland park are created by the best sculptors in the world, specializing in the paleontology. In the area of the amusements young travelers can ride on the "live" diplodocus, play in archaeologists at excavations and eat a dinoburger. Both adults and children will be interested to visit, accompanied by professional guides, the Museum of skeletons and fossils, among which are the exhibits of petrified remains of animals living on this planet millions of years ago, as well as eggs of dinosaurs. Relax after an exciting adventure you can in a cozy restaurant with exquisite food, or in a water cafe from a variety of summer cafes which are located near the DinoZatorland.

Date: 14/05/2009


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