Gdańsk & Love - a special event in May

Gdańsk & Love - a special event in May
Gdańsk & Love - a special event in May
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On the first day of May in Gdansk will start a unique event Gdańsk & Love, organized by the tourist association of Gdansk, it will be dedicated to all couples in love decided to visit this beautiful city. During the whole month in a number of hotels, restaurants, culture and entertainment centers will be available special programs for couples: "Love Night," "Heaven Pleasure," "For body and soul", etc. In the action will take more than 30 organizations in total. When booking rooms in hotels the couples will be given 50% discount, as well as the possibility of free access to spa salon, a romantic evening dinner with live music, guests of some hotel can take advantage of the buyer's permanent card in the shopping center Madison. In addition, discounts on entrance tickets will be provided by most of the museums and several theaters. Even a special guide is released - "Lovers in Gdansk", where indicated all the facilities involved in the program, as well as attractions and the most romantic corners of old Gdansk, ibid announced 30 events with free entrance.

Located in northern Poland on the Baltic Sea, Gdansk is a large seaport. Together with the neighboring cities of Sopot and Gdynia it forms the so-called Tri-city and is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Poland.

With its thousand-year history, Gdansk preserved many unique historical monuments, the tourists visited the city are to visit the Church of the Holy Virgin Mary, which is the second largest in Europe, it was built XIII-XVI centuries, in the strict Gothic style. In the historical city center are also monuments of the Renaissance such as: yard of Artus, City Hall, Golden House, the fountain of Neptune. At the port of Gdansk there is another attraction: a 27-meter lighthouse, built more than 200 years ago (it is now a museum).

Date: 30/04/2009


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