The world's largest beer spa was opened in the Czech Republic

The world's largest beer spa was opened in the Czech Republic
The world's largest beer spa was opened in the Czech Republic
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In the town of Chodova Plana, which is located in the Czech Republic only seven kilometers from the famous spa Marianski Lazne, has recently welcomed its first visitors the only in the Czech Republic health spa center where visitors can take a beer bath. This "beer" resort was opened on the basis of a small family brewery «Chodovar», which was built over the old cellars, cut in stone. In the past time in the cellars was kept beer, but now, after a considerable reconstruction, there are seven swimming pools and baths done in Victorian style. In these pools visitors can relax by the beer massage, swim in the pool of beer, as well as to take a unique rejuvenating hot beer bath. The basis of this bath is heated to 34 ° C dark beer, full recipe of which is known only by the chief brewer of «Chodovar» (a special kind of beer, giving an abundant froth and which has a rejuvenating effect). In addition, during the preparation of baths is used IL-SANO mineral water with a high content of carbon dioxide and crushed aromatic herbs. After the bath the visitor should spent some time in bed, where in the atmosphere of muted light and gentle music is taking place the relaxation of the organism.

The owner of the house Jiri Plevka describes the procedure in such a way: "Beer will help to bring the skin to the desired state. The Beer Center is a godsend for those men who are skeptical about the traditional spa. We believe in the healing properties of beer and can offer our visitors a wide range of wellness services. It is a real beer spa resort." Simultaneously, «Chodovar» can receive 21 people, what makes it the world's largest center of this type.

There is also a hotel in the brewery, called «Sladko’s» and restaurant «In The Rock». And in a small museum you can learn about the history of brewing in the Czech Republic.

Date: 05/05/2009


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