Spanish restaurant has been recognized as the best in the world

Spanish restaurant has been recognized as the best in the world
Entrance to the restaurant El Bulli
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On April 20 in London took place the prestigious awards in the gastronomic sphere. The British journal Restaurant Magazine, which enjoys great authority in the restaurant industry, has published the rating of the best restaurants of the world. This study, which took place in more than 80 countries, was attended by approximately a thousand of well-known chefs, restaurant critics and leading culinary experts. First place, for the fifth time, was given to the Spanish restaurant El Bulli, which is located at the Catalan resort of Costa Brava. The second place won a constant rival of El Bulli, a British restaurant The Fat Duck, and this is a great achievement for a restaurant since last year's incident, which resulted in a number of visitors to The Fat Duck got food poisoning. However, Ferran Adria, the chef of El Bulli in his speech after the awards said that he dedicates his award to the chef of The Fat Duck: "I dedicate this award to Heston Blumenthal. He showed me what does it mean to be honest in our business. .. "In addition, Ferran Adria particularly pointed out that last year was triumphal for Spanish cookery, as to the ten best restaurants were included two more Spanish ones.

Restaurant Magazine first published its top list of restaurants in 2002 and El Bulli immediately headed it, as well as it has been heading it during the last 4 years. Ferran Adria, who is called the "kitchen alchemist», spends only six months of the year in his restaurant, the time left he spends experimenting with new recipes of dishes and as a result each year the restaurant’s menu is fully updated. It should also be noted that El Bulli is not only the best restaurant, but the most popular, the demand for visits of the restaurant exceeds its capacity in 7 times and reservation must be made a few months beforehand.

Date: 05/05/2009


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