In Switzerland has opened an exclusive private spa

In Switzerland has opened an exclusive private spa
In Switzerland has opened an exclusive private spa
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Just an hour's drive from Zurich in the mountains there is one of the most luxurious resorts in the Switzerland, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, that is the only one that has its own golf field for 18 holes. Not so long ago it surprised the world with a unique sauna, the walls of which were inlaid with the strass from Swarovski (for trimming of the walls were spent over 300 crystals), and now a new novelty, an exclusive Andeer Private Spa. Today it is the largest and most luxurious center of its kind in the country, it is an elegant stone building with the lounge-area Cuddle Lounge, living room, home cinema, sauna with jacuzzi and hydro-massage, as well as aromatic cabins, Knipe cycle and refreshing ice grotto. Andeer Private Spa is maximum for 4 people, soft diffused light, tender music, delicate aromas, all this creates a calm placatory atmosphere. From the panoramic windows there is a wonderful view over the mountain slopes and beautiful green terrace. The guests can use the services of all professional masseurs, beauticians, therapists, estheticians and spa-butler.

The town of Bad Ragaz, where is situated the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, which since ancient times is famous for its thermal springs. Already in the 15th century the monks by their own hands got the weak down in the valley of Taminaschlucht to the healing springs, the year-round temperature of which is 34 ° C, while the rest had to go down on the ropes, and only in 1868, healing water was piped directly into the city.

Today's Bad Ragaz is a magnificent resort and clinic, where people from all over the world come for treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders and musculoskeletal system injuries.

Date: 22/04/2009


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