Wild Flower Fortnight on the island of Sark

Wild Flower Fortnight on the island of Sark
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Near the south-east coast of Britain, on a small island of Sark is held a kind of an annual spring festival, " Wild Flower Fortnight." This is because at this time the whole island is literally covered with blossoming wild flowers. In order the visitors of the island can fully enjoy the bright and colorful splendour of the island the authorities organize the festival. From 25 April to 10 May on the island will be held flower fairs and exhibitions. And for lovers of wildlife are organized hiking and cycling routes on the island’s picturesque places. For tourists will be published a colorful guide telling about the history and sights of the island.

The island of Sark is a small island with beautiful beaches and picturesque bays in the English Channel, relevant to the archipelago of the Channel Islands, which are in the possession of the British Crown in Guernsey. It was known worldwide as the last place in Europe, where the feudalism was in force (Senior was a supreme power on the island), and only last year, parliament was formed on the basis of the general election.

Visitors of Sark feel like being transported into the past. On the island the use of cars is prohibited, there are no paved roads, the main means of transport are bicycles and horse carts, the motorized transport is represented only by farm tractors. Since there is no landing strip, then it is possible to reach the island only by sea.

But, thanks to all of these prohibitions, the nature of the island appears to visitors in its original form. Not so long ago, Sark has been included in Ramsar UN Convention on the Protection of the Wetlands. The Convention was signed in 1971 in Ramsar (Iran) and it is an intergovernmental agreement on the conservation and wise use of the wetlands. A cape with well-known caves of Gouliot became a protected section of the island.

Date: 16/04/2009


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