Verona prepares to accept lover from all over the world

Verona, Piazza dei Signori.
Verona, Piazza dei Signori.
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Annually ten thousand lovers from all over the world come to the Italian city of Verona to celebrate there Valentine’s Day. And for the fifth time already Verona arranges a grandiose festival for its guests. Its motto will be «If you are in love, come to Verona», and a theme – essentially, love and the classical love story of Romeo and Juliette told by Shakespeare. As is known, the action of the well-known tragedy took place in Verona.

The tourists, who will visit Verona during the period from the 13th to 15th of February, according to organizers of festival, will receive unforgettable impressions. On Piazza Dei Signori Square they will be awaited by Un cuore da scoprire romantic fair. Trays and the counters placed in the area in the form of heart will offer buyers souvenirs and lovely trinkets devoted to Valentine's Day.

Old streets of Verona, leading from Bra square to Juliette's House, will be illuminated by red small lamps in the form of hearts. Directly near Juliette's house you can become the participant of action Love stone. On a wall of the terrace facing the yard of Juliette’s house, anyone can leave the romantic message which will be engraved on marble slabs using the laser. Touching the bronze sculpture of Juliette located there is considered to be a good sign.

During the festival in Verona tourists will be offered a number of theatrical performances, exhibitions, book presentations and excursions to the romantic places of the city. And on the world famous Arena di Verona, the automobile exhibition Giulietta in Love will take place on February 15 , where Alfa Romeo Giulietta (a popular car model in 1950-1970) will be presented.

By quantity and the effective age of historical monuments Verona can compete with the capital of Italy - Rome. Sights of Verona - it a graceful Gavi Arch, and gate Leoni and Borsari Gates, and the biggest in the world open-air opera theatre Arena di Verona. In city centre well-preserved palaces of Renaissance, remains of the Roman settlements and ancient churches are located.

Photo: Lo_Scaligero, wikimedia commons

Date: 12/01/2009


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