Winter season continues in Budapest

Winter season continues in Budapest
Winter season continues in Budapest
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In the capital of Hungary – Budapest, the tourist action Budapest Winter Invasion or <<Winter Budapest>> takes place. It was caused by the desire to ancient Budapest and, accordingly, to increase attendance of this city after a Christmas vacation when in tourist business there experience a seasonal recession.

About 90 organizations, involved in tourist services as well as in transportation and reception, decided to take part in this event. Among them are: the Association of hotels of Hungary, the Budapest tourist administration, the Hungarian national tourist office (HNTO), Malev airline (which offers about 250 weekly flights from the airports of Scandinavia, Ireland, Israel, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Russia, to the airport of Budapest) and many others. The motto of the event is <<book a hotel room for 4 nights, but pay for 3>>

According to the experience of the previous years (“Winter Budapest” takes place for the third time), the number of nights spent by tourists in hotels of Budapest during the period of the action increases for at least 50 thousands. The special attention this year is given to online booking of hotel rooms. Organizers intend to cover all the cultural and entertainment events, which will accompany “Winter Budapest” in the World Wide Web.

On the official website of the action various pastime options – depending on preferences and possibilities of the traveler. Bicycle excursions, 20-minute flight over a city in the helicopter will be offered to fans of active rest.

Guest of the city will have a chance to visit Pannohalme – a Benedictine abbey, which is included to the list of the world cultural heritage by UNESCO. One of the main sights of Budapest is the Royal palace. The city has also a considerable number of art, ethnographic and historical museums, picture galleries and exhibitions. Various night clubs and disco will entertain tourists as well. Budapest is famous for its jazz-clubs, where connoisseurs constantly gather to listen to musicians and to drink Hungarian beer.

The Hungarian national tourist office will carry out the coordination of the project "Winter Budapest"

Date: 08/01/2009


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