Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca ("White Beach") is a resort coast of Spain in the province of Alicante. To date, Costa Blanca is one of the most popular beach areas in the Pyrenean Peninsula. 200 kilometers of Costa Blanca each year attract millions of tourists.

History of Costa Blanca

"Costa Blanca" - the name was coined by the British, who in 1957 decided to launch air routes between London and the Spanish city of Valencia. "White Beach", the coast located south-east of Valencia, according to the air carrier, was to attract tourists from Britain to the beaches of the resort and stimulate ticket sales. 20 years after the beginning of flights coastal fishing villages of Costa Blanca turned into huge resorts. Of course, it was a success.

Resorts of Costa Blanca

Boundaries of Costa Blanca today are the resort of Denia in the north and the resort of Pilar de la Horedada in the south. Administrative capital of Costa Blanca is Alicante, while the main resort is Benidorm. Benidorm was one of the first resorts, which glorified the coast. Today hotels, apartments and villas in Benidorm host nearly 4 million tourists annually. Among other popular resorts, which are parts of Costa Blanca are: Denia, Javea, Torrevieja, Calpe, Altea and others.

Tourists in Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is literally a summer colony for many European nations. Originally here settled immigrants from Britain. Today they constitute the majority of foreigners who own property in Costa Blanca. In many cities you can find traditional British supermarkets, and Benidorm has an area, which is inhabited by the Englishmen. Swedes and Germans like to holiday on local beaches with white sand. Recently, in Costa Blanca began to appear Russians. Conditionally Russian today can be regarded the resort of Torrevieja - here is the largest Russian-speaking diaspora.

Beach season in Costa Blanca

May-October is traditionally the time for swimming in Costa Blanca. The most popular months for recreation are July-August. But, they may not fit some people because of the intense heat (+40C or higher). Average water temperature in June is 20-22C, air temperature - 23-25C. Average water temperature in July and August is 24-28C, air temperature - 26-34C. We should also pay attention to the fact that half of the beaches of Costa Blanca are marked by the "blue flags" - a reward from European environmentalists for the cleanliness and quality of service.

Entertainment in Costa Blanca

In Costa Blanca are now available different types of holidays. Water parks and golf courses are the main types of attractions that are available here for tourists. Major entertainment center of the coast is Terra Mitica theme park near Benidorm. This "historical Disneyland" is visited annually by 1 million people. Here, in Benidorm, is located Aqualandia water park. The largest water park of Costa Blanca is considered to be Aquopolis in Torrevieja. Both water parks begin its work in June.

Rent in Costa Blanca

It is believed that the average price of villa rentals in Costa Blanca is 2000-3000 euros per month. For this money the owners agree not to ask the number of residents. Pool, air conditioning, sometimes exit to the beach, maximum 3 bedrooms - here is the basic set, which includes the cost of the house. Renting of apartments is a popular way to stay in such big cities as Alicante and Benidorm. The cost of apartment rental in Costa Blanca is 250-300 euros per week.