Stalin's Dachas

One of the bloodiest dictators in the history of mankind Joseph Stalin headed "care for toilers" in his policy. And in order to "create the conditions for organizing the way of life and vacation for a common Soviet man" Joseph Stalin was ready to make the supreme sacrifice. And he sacrificed. Millions of people in the USSR were subjected to repression for numerous reasons, including "impeded implementing the clear idea of the communist vacation".

Stalin, as he was a common Soviet person, liked having a rest. That's why he acquired a dacha. Several dachas, to be exact. His favorite dacha was called Blizhnyaya. It was located really not far from Moscow - in Kuntsevo. Nowadays it is one of Moscow neighborhoods. It is here Stalin met with his suite and gave ceremonial banquets to celebrate the coming of foreign delegations.

In 1941 dacha exact to Blizhnyaya Dacha was built in Kuibyshev. It was planned to evacuate the government there in case Moscow would be surrendered to German invaders. There was one more dacha – Dalnyaya dacha. It was located in former ancient mansion "Lipki".

But the main Stalin's dachas were in the Caucasus. One dacha was located in Sochi, the other – in Abkhazia high in the mountains not far from the city of Gagra. In accordance with the architectural plan it resembled Hitler’s Adlerhorst (Eagles Nest) in the Alps. The third dacha was located on the Black seashore in the region of "Zelenyi Mys", in a large park.

Stalin's dacha in Sochi was located (and is still there) in the territory of the sanatorium "Zelenaya Roscha". When the leader wished to have accommodation in health resort, hundreds of experts literary dug over the whole region of Sochi. They assayed soil, water and air in order to find the most environmentally clean plot of land. It was the health resort "Zelenaya Roscha". By the way, in the past the resort was Michailovskoe estate that belonged to Maecenas M.M.Zenzinov in the beginning of the XX century.

Dacha in Sochi like many other Stalin’s dachas were designed by the architect Merzhanov. The only Stalin’s wish about the outer appearance of the house was "no fountains".

After Stalin died, his dachas overtook different fate. Many of them were plundered, others fell into decay. Besides, not so long ago it became known that generalissimo's dacha in Garga was sold for $10 million to the Russian millionaire Oleg Deripaska.