VIP Dachas

For the Soviet ruling party it was a sign of a good form to have a rest and work on dacha. The tradition of dacha vacation passed on to contemporary elite. In this rubric you’ll get to know about famous dachas of the past and the present. You will also read about VIP dachas that belonged to the “sharks” of modern business.

In the case of the high and mighties, the only limit of the outside of their country houses is their own imagination. Hundreds of newly-fledged millionaires from Russia, Ukraine and other courtiers try to surpass each other in splendour of their country houses. In accordance with the tradition such houses are called dachas however the name “mansion” or “palace” would suit them better.

Nowadays it is possible to find dachas of such former rulers of the USSR like Stalin or Brezhnev almost in every CIS country. Besides, the notion of government dacha is still urgunt. For example, the president of Russia has several government dachas that can be considered to be his suburban residences. The most prominent of them are the government dacha in Barvikha village near Moscow and Bocharov Ruchey located at the Black sea coast of the Caucasus. Dachas of the president of the Ukraine are located in the Crimea and Carpathian mountains. The president of Belarus owns dachas located in Drozdy and in Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Most of government dachas attained the status of government residences.

Traditionally, a great interest is given to modern multimillionaires’ dachas. The richest multimillionaires become the owners of dachas that belonged to the former general secretaries of the USSR. The names of the millionaires like Abramovich, Deripaska and Potanin are world-famous. Today Abramovich owns the dacha that belonged to Gorbachev. It is situated in Moscow region and costs several million euros. Deripaska bought the former Stalin’s dacha in Gagra for 7 million euros.

Stalin's Dachas

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