City Vacation

Vacation in the city becomes more and more popular within each year. Most city journeys are privately organized and booked. The new thing is that there appeared inexpensive airline offers to almost all the large European cities that become very attractive for travelers. The only thing is that it can be a real problem to find where to stay if you choose this variant of traveling.

If you want you can book the hotel overall holiday you are going to stay in the city but in this case you should search it on your own.

The reservation of the vacation home is also an interesting alternative for many travelers. The advantages of a such dwelling are obvious for many-holiday makers. Of course, it is independence, particularly from appointed time for check in and check out; own kitchen and the possibility to share the dwelling with several travelers that allows you to save money on renting. It is a very important factor especially for young travelers who want to have an economical vacation in the city.

If you wish to stay in a city longer e.g. for several months or so, then the price for a dwelling will be lower. Many landlords are afraid of leasing their apartments for several days, so it hardly will be a problem for you to rent an apartment if you are going to stay in the city longer than several months. In this case you will simply need a contract for a furnished dwelling. There are many agencies to provide you with this service in any city. The only difference from the vacation home is that the broker commissions for the rent term usually depend on 1 – 3 monthly rents of brokerage fee.

However, there is an alternative for young pairs and groups, too. They can always stay in a hostel or youth hostel. Of course, it is a little bit different from a private vacation home in the city but in any case it is much cheaper to rent a hotel.

Besides, travelers with higher demanding can fall back at their vacation in the city to a vacation home. Dwellings with luxurious establishment and high standards can also ensure this group of travelers a great vacation in the city away from the tourist vanity in a hotel. And such cities like Berlin, Prague, London and Budapest have a wide spectrum of such offers.

As for the countries of the former USSR, so it is much cheaper, popular and economical to rent an apartment for a short period than to rent a room in a hotel as the prices for rooms in a hotel are too expensive. For those who go on holidays to Moscow, Kiev or Minsk should remember about private apartments. There you can find an apartment which will cost you only 40 – 50 dollars while a fairly good room in a hotel will cost you 120 -180 dollars per person.

So, if you go on holidays to the city you should always remember about private apartments and hostel as an alterative to a hotel room.