Le Catalan Holiday Property

Our partners, the real estate agency Le Catalan has got experience for holiday properties in southern France and in the Spanish region of Catalonia. Le Catalan has a subsidiary company in the heart of the French part of Catalonia, in the Barcares / Pyrenees-Orientaes. The interests of foreign buyers and renters of real estate such as holiday flats, cottages, fincas and apartments are represented here in many languages.

The managing director of Le Catalan, Ronald Rinnau is mostly personally on the ground in the south of France and Spain. He organizes the purchase of vacation property in the south of France and Catalonia and the hiring of objects in “their” region. The insurance specialist acquired in a long work on the ground first-class contacts with local vendors, banks and property developers and real estate business in the region and now is designed as a specialist in foreign financing of holiday properties in the South of France and Spain.

Profound expertise and knowledge of French and Spanish real estate market and first-class financing partner Le Catalan make a real plus for purchasing and renting property in the region for those who are interested. Individual care and safety of purchase and rental is in the foreground for Le Catalan. The house on the Costa Brava or apartments in the south of France can be as safe and reliable as it is in your country.

Mr. Rinnau and the team of Le Catalan are the partners for those who are interested in the holiday home network and exclusively for sales and marketing, leasing and agency cooperation in southern France, the Languedoc-Roussilion and the Spanish autonomous region of Catalunya. Le Catalan will also be responsible for the Catalonia Tourist Guide on the network.

Their contact:

Büro Deutschland
Am Luchtkamp 59, 48249 Dülmen
Tel: +49 (0) 2594 - 8933847

Büro Frankreich
45 Boulevard de la Grande Plage
66420 Le Barcares

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