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Purchasing of a holiday real estate is always a very responsible matter. It is no matter at all whether you want to buy property either in Germany or abroad. You should never refuse from the qualified consultation of a specialist. That is applied both to salesmen and builders who want to provide and drive their holiday objects as to real market conditions as to the prospective buyer of a holiday real estate. sets on quality: holiday areas that are offered on our web-page for the rent or for sale go through a quality inspection by our internationally experienced holiday house specialist – the real estate agency Facilitatis ImmoProjekte.

The selling partner Facilitatis ImmoProjekte provides for the preliminary test on holiday areas. Only after being checked, offers are released for the on-line presentation in holiday real estate section.

Facilitatis ImmoProjekte is also a partner for prospective customers who are interested in the presented holiday real estate. The real estate agency advises to the prospective buyers and provides for the smooth operational sequence of inspections and purchase completions.

Real estate agency: Facilitatis ImmoProjekte
Mr. Dipl. - Jur. Tobias Stoller
Lindenstraße 48 – 52
40233 Düsseldorf
Phone: 0211. 610 170 3
Fax: 0211. 610 170 2

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