Cottages Prato

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La Sassaia
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Casa del Sole
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Guest houses
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Appartamento 123
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The country is one of the Italian regions. In the Tuscany region there is a beautiful province of Prato, in the national language Provincia di Prato. It borders on the province of Bologna, Florence and Pistoia.

Like in other regions of Tuscany in the Provincia di Prato you will find rural areas, small farms and communities as well as large vineyards that have a very special charm. The province of Prato features to a large variety of wealth. Its area stretches from the broad plain that surrounds the hills of Montalbano-Gebirges to the slopes of the mountains around the Bisenzio- Valley. Wonderful hiking trails are in different lengths and height. You can see many beautiful landscape sceneries while walking along one of these wonderful areas.

In large cities and town one can find a hectic life, whether in the cultural, sporting or economic terms.

The capital of the province of Prato is the same city, with about 182,000 inhabitants. It is the largest and most populous. It is located approximately 20 km to the northwest of Florence. It is a home to many attractions within their city limits. Among the outstanding religious buildings first of all cathedral and the churches of Santa Maria delle Carceri, Santa Maria della Pieta, San Francesco and San Fabiano deserve a separate mention. Wonderful villas and palaces adorn the city, including the Palazzo Pretorio, Palazzo Dantini, and the Villa Il Palco. In the vicinity of Prato one can find a famous Medici Villa of Poggio a Caiano. The Tourism Bureau and the Tourism Bureau of the city, which both centrally located, inform about events, activities and special places in the entire province very well.

Another indicator of Prato is the maintenance of custom. Significant traditions are passed from generation to generation. There are many other municipalities that are also highly recommended for a visit - Cantagallo, Carmignano, Montemurlo, Poggio a Caiano, Vaiano, Vernio and others. The area is adorened by beautiful nature and smaller castles and palaces. Here you will discover many marvelous places of the province that are really enchanting.


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