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If you place your advertisement on one of the domains of the Max-TD Network Guide, it will appear in other domains of our network, in case it fits them regionally and/or thematically. Additionally it will be displayed in various languages on multilingual portals of our network. For advertisers this means a wide spread of their offers over the internet. And the best part: the extra ads on various portals are completely free of charge for the vendors if they already advertise their property on one of our portals. The distribution to the various portals happens automatically with the publication on the portal.

The current network travel guide consist of the following domains:

World wide: - World-wide; German language - World-wide, English Language - World-wide; Italian language World-wide; Rusian language World-wide; French language

Thematic: - Ski resorts worldwide, German Language - Ski resorts worldwide; English Language - Ski resorts worldwide; Russian Language


World wide hotels: - World-wide; English Language - World-wide; German Language - World-wide; Russain Language

Regional: -The Baltic coast of Denmark, Germany, Poland; German language - The North Sea coast of Germany, Denmark; German language - Bornholm; German language - Sauerland; German language - Black Forest, German Language - Harz; German language - Slovakia, German language (English and Russian also possible) - Hungary; German language - Carinthia; German language - Tyrol; German language - Vorarlberg; German language - Veneto, English, German, Russian Languages - Tuscany; English, German, Russian Languages - Liguria; English, German, Russian Languages - Sicily; English, German, Russian Languages - Malta; English, German, Russian Languages - Provence; German language - Catalonia (Spanish) and Pyrenees-Orientales (fr), German Language - Valencia region; German language (English, Russian also possible) - Sochi / Caucasus; German language - Sochi / Caucasus; Russain language - Andalusia, English, German, Russian Languages - Lake Balaton, English, German, Russian Languages - Bavaria, German Language - Bornholm, German Language - Bretagne, German Language - Comersee Region, German Language - Denmark, German Language - Germany, German Language - Dmitrow, Russian Language, Australia and Oceania, English and German Languages, Düsseldorf, German Language - Elsass, German Language - Gardasee, German Language - Croatia, German Language - Mallorca, German Language - Greifswald, German Language - Hessen, German Language - Ibiza, German Language - Istrien, German Language - Egypt, German Language - Köln, German Language - Region Lago Maggiore, German Languages, Lithuania, English, German, Russian and Poland Languages - London, English, German, Russian Languages - Malta, German Language - Moscow, English, German, Russian Languages - Niederlande, German Language - Normandie, German Language - Austria, German Language - Italy, English, German, Russian Languages - Eastern Europe, English, German, Russian Languages, Poland, English, German, Russian Languages - Provence, German Language - Sardinien, German Language - Schwarzwald, German Language - Sweden, German Language - Switzerland, German Language - Soligorsk, Russian Language - Spain, German Language - South France, German Language - Südtirol, German Language - Teneriffa, German Language - Thüringen, German Language - Tuscany, English, German, Russian Languages - Czech Republic, English, German, Russian Languages - Hungary, German Language - Usedom, German Language - Queensland, English Language

The Guide to Network launches 3 – 5 new travel guides every month. To start please register here.