Cachaça festival In Brazil

Cachaça festival In Brazil
Cachaça festival In Brazil

In the eastern part of Brazil on the Atlantic coast is located a popular holiday resort of Praia do Forte, where on November 24 will begin the sixth gastronomic festival Tempero no Forte, which will last until December 4. According to the tradition, the theme of Tempero no Forte is a local product or dish. This year it is Cachaça - 40% alcoholic beverage from the sugar cane, which in the national cuisine is used as an integral part of many dishes, as well as independent beverage. The best varieties of Cachaça are as good as the best whiskey or cognac.

During 11 days of the festival its visitors will be able to get acquainted with all phases of the Cachaça production, take part in numerous competitions and culinary shows, tastings and master classes of Brazilian cuisine. In Tempero no Forte will take part 25 Brazilian restaurants and the most famous chef from all over the country. On the second day of the festival will be held a great auction, where will be presented more than 80 varieties of Cachaça, from luxury costing several thousand dollars per bottle to simple, which are used in all kinds of sauces and cocktails.

In addition to the culinary events, festival organizers prepared an extensive entertainment program, which includes performances of music bands, night carnival procession and grand fire show on the coast at the closing ceremony. Children will also not be forgotten. Especially for them on November 26 will be held funny cooking contest As Cozinheiras, where young chefs will prepare dishes for their parents, although without alcoholic beverages.

Every year Brazil produces about 1.3 billion liters of Cachaça, 90% by the industry and 10% by the people (the so-called hacienda Cachaça). The latter is valued much higher, but because of the small production volumes hacienda Cachaça is rarely exported.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 23/11/2011

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