Diving 2011: unique directions

Diving 2011: unique directions
Diving 2011: unique directions

Diving - this kind of active leisure has firmly and permanently embedded in the structure of international tourism services. Number diving vacation fans is growing every year. Everyone identifies for himself the most interesting places for diving. At the same time in the world are regularly published the most interesting places for diving. Here you can watch the list of unique places for diving in 2011.

Iceland, Thingvellier National Park

It is surprising, but Iceland’s cold waters keep probably the most unique diving region on the planet. This is Silfra cleft. It is unique due to the fact that it is the natural border between the two continents - Europe and North America. Silfra is a cleft between the two continental tectonic plates. Diving here can give a unique experience - clear water, which temperature rarely rises above +5C. Diving is available in three areas: Silfra Hall, the Cathedral Silfra Laguna.

Japan, the island of Yonaguni

The westernmost territory of Japan, the tiny island of Yonaguni, attracts divers thanks to the mysterious monument, which some scientists believe to be natural, while others - created by man. This is Yonaguni Monument, which looks like is a step pyramid. Scuba diving is popular in Yonaguni also due to the large population hammerhead sharks in these waters.

Indonesian volcano Banua Wuhu

Underwater Volcano is another challenge for the divers. Banua Wuhu volcano located in Indonesia near the island of Mahangetan. The volcano rises from the seabed at 400 meters and is just 5 meters under the ocean surface. Tourists may not fear the molten lava. Banua Wuhu can only emit sour gas, which, however, may also burn. In addition to the great natural wonders there less great things such as coral reefs and reef sharks. Especially for divers: villa rentals on Bali and other parts of Indonesia.

Mexico, Cancun

The bottom of the Caribbean Sea near one of the most popular resorts in Mexico - Cancun - hides the monument, which cannot cause disputes in the academic environment. This is the museum of underwater sculptures created by Jason De Caires Taylor. Here, on the Molyneux Gulf sea bottom, are installed 403 sculptures of people in full size. During the diving you can see a lost reporter, dreaming collector and other works of the sculptor, which become more emotional and physical under the water. Many of the sculptures are covered with corals and vegetable sea inhabitants. The installation was first presented to the public in 2006. For those, who intend to go for diving in the Indian country we offer booking of accommodation in Mexico online.

Ilya Kalachev, materials are taken from aquaviews.net

Date: 20/09/2011

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