Earthquake in New Zealand killed 65 people

Earthquake in New Zealand killed 65 people
Earthquake in New Zealand killed 65 people

One of the most destructive earthquakes for the past 30 years occurred in the town of Christchurch in New Zealand. According to the latest data, earthquake killed 65 people.

According to official information, powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake occurred at 12:51 local time (23:51 GMT) on the South Island of New Zealand. The epicenter was located at a depth of about 5 kilometers, just 10 miles southeast of the second largest city in New Zealand - Christchurch. As a result of the earthquake the city suffered massive destruction.

According to eyewitnesses, historic part of town was significantly damaged. One of the main attractions of Christchurch - the Anglican Cathedral – was virtually wiped out. Bridges and highways of the city are destroyed. Many residential and public buildings are considerably damaged. In the town are damaged power lines and disrupted telephone service. Part of Christchurch was flooded as a result of destruction of water supply system.

Also after the quake in Christchurch the country's largest Tasman Glacier, located in more than 200 kilometers from the epicenter, lost more than 30 million tons of ice.

Now in Christchurch are conducted rescue operations with the help of the armed forces. According to the latest information earthquake in Christchurch killed 65 people. A lot of people are still under the obstructions.

The state of emergency was called in the city.

Date: 24/02/2011

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