Were named the best tourist destinations of business tourism

Were named the best tourist destinations of business tourism
Were named the best tourist destinations of business tourism
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One of the well-known international companies engaged in market research ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) has published a ranking of countries and cities that are the most popular destinations for business meetings. It is noteworthy that since 2004, once again, the first places of the ranking are occupied by U.S. and Germany.

Germany has long been one of the leaders not only in Europe but also in the world. Thanks to many varied mysterious medieval castles and fairytale chateaux Germany is a popular venue for romantic vacations. Thanks to the famous organization of Germans, exclusive pedantry and efficiency it is one of the most popular destinations for business tourism. This axiom was again confirmed by research conducted by ICCA, according to the results of which Germany ranks second in the ranking of popular business destinations, nearly 100 points ahead of nearest rival - Spain.

One of the great advantages of Germany as a popular destination for business tourism is a central location and excellent infrastructure. Also, most organizers are not only the native speakers of German language, but generally excellent English, French and sometimes Spanish, which allows Germany to easily conduct international meetings at the highest level. As a result, last year in Germany was carried out 458 official international meetings, conferences and talks, not counting the unregistered private events.

Thus, the list of countries is as follows:

1. United States (595 meetings)
2. Germany (458 official events)
3. Spain (360 official events)
4. Italy (350 official events)
5. United Kingdom (345 official events)
6. France (341 official events)
7. Brazil (293 official events)
8. Japan (257 official events)
9. China (245 official events)
10. Austria (236 official events)

In addition to the ranking of countries was compiled the rating of cities, including the capital of Austria Vienna (160 formal meetings), through professional organizations and the long history of such events was the leader of the list. Barcelona (135) is located on the second place, for a few points ahead to Paris (131) and Berlin (129).

According to analysts of the company, this year could make significant adjustments to the list of business areas. It is expected the increase of the popularity of Prague, Warsaw and Budapest.

Full list of cities is as follows:

1. Vienna (160)
2. Barcelona (135)
3. Paris (131)
4. Berlin (129)
5. Singapore (119)
6. Copenhagen (103)
7. Stockholm (102)
8. Amsterdam (98)
9. Lisbon (98)
10. Beijing (96)

Date: 06/06/2010


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