In London is being held the Chelsea Flower Show

Collection of lilies at Flower Show in Chelsea
Collection of lilies at Flower Show in Chelsea
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Flowered azure sky, the gardens wearing funny-colored outfit, and a light spring breeze whispering a rainbow summer song and in London was re-opened one of the most magnificent exhibitions - refined and aristocratic British “Chelsea Flower Show”.

This year's show visitors expect not only elegance and splendor of clear elastic forms of the regular style, light sweet curves of landscape style, charming asymmetry of art nouveau, natural and environmentally friendly country, but also the fascination of eclecticism in the most incredible displays.

Daily Telegraph Garden, created by renowned designer Andy Sturgeon, which had became the winner of the flower show in Chelsea in the nomination of «Best Show Garden» inspired by travels and full of exotic flavors of finbosh from Southern Cape, spicy Mediterranean maquis and chaparral from North America, in a surprising way mixes geometric clarity of the lines of planning and outstanding simplicity of traditional British plants.

In the modern world of infinite inconstancy amazing garden The M & G Garden, created by designer Roger Platts, became one of the most traditional to the flower show in Chelsea. Having imbibed the true British spirit, the garden appeared to visitors in the magnificence of stone paths’ winding lines in a comfortable frame of lavender, foxglove and myrtles, in the charming quiet summer cottage wreathed by roses under the accompaniment of quiet murmur of cut sandstone of cozy pond.

Touching tenderness, romance and natural beauty of the L'Occitane Garden created with a fantasy of designer James Towillis is inspired by the simple charm of Mediterranean gardens of warm and sunny South of France. Olive and almond trees, beautiful fragrant fields of lavender and poppies with bright beads, fancy stone terraces and stream create the impression of appeasement and comfort.

Modern garden Laurent-Perrier Garden from cult landscape designer Tom Stuart-Smith became a symbol of romance and elegance of the Chelsea Flower Show. Modern structure of an elegant pavilion from patinated bronze, created by architect Jamie Fobert, in a neighborhood with a long pool, framed by blossoming of the spring forest herbs and succulent purple irises creates a wonderful contrast of sophistication of modern structures and naturalistic wildlife.

In addition to the not London-like warm weather, observing of the magnificent design gardens and contemplation of beautiful flowers and study of numerous plants, visitors to the Chelsea Flower Show can enjoy a glass of Champagne Laurent-Perrier and excellent courses in one of the restaurants or to treat themselves with a picnic on one of the most Best British lawns.

Photo: Alesia Belaya

Date: 01/06/2010


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