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World Brands
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Regardless of the amount of money in our wallet, the global financial crisis and the catastrophic problems with work and loans for housing, we always want to look good, have the widest choice and only buy quality products. Thanks to a study by British research and consulting company CBRE, finding the 10 most "shopping" capitals, offering the widest choice of top fashion brands, has become very easy. Happy shopping!

10. Tokyo

Are represented 38.68% of top retailers in the world.
Tokyo has long been known as the capital of shopaholics, who are obsessed by the most fashionable and expensive brands of the world. Here you can easily find plenty of stores like KIKS TYO, Uniqlo, Boutique W, Angelic Pretty - offering a favorite Japanese style of "Lolita", the best Japanese denim manufacturers Studio d'Artisan, or the famous shop of Italian style Side by Side.

9. Barcelona
Are represented 39.09% of top retailers in the world.
Barcelona is a shelter not only for well-known Spanish brands such as Zara, Massimo Dutti, or Bershka, but also for such luxury names as Chanel and Cartier. However, the true shopaholics, who can shake the world in search of top brands at reasonable prices, will definitely go right in La Roca Village - a city of outlet boutiques where you can find clothes, shoes and accessories from such world famous brands like Jean Paul Gaultier , D & G, Baldinini, Armani, Calvin Klein and others with the discount up to 60%.

8. Munich
Are represented 39, 92% of the world's top retailers
The third largest city in Germany not only attracts with an abundance of theaters, art museums and galleries, but is a favorite place for shoppers from all around the world. Such brands like Brioni, Armani, Cerruti 1881, Carolina Herrera or Ralph Lauren attract shopaholics from all over the world to Munich with its great names, high quality and excellent design. Those who wish to enjoy not only buying clothes from the best-known brands can visit the well-known for its national Bavarian costumes Marienplatz shop.

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Alesia Belaya

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Date: 15/04/2010


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