In Jordan will be held the Dead Sea Marathon

In Jordan will be held the Dead Sea Marathon
In Jordan will be held the Dead Sea Marathon

Jordan and Israel are the two countries that share the coast of the Dead Sea. On April 9, 2010 in Amman, the capital of Jordan, will start perhaps one of the most grueling sports competitions on the planet. It is called the Amman Dead Sea Ultra Marathon. This marathon is a test of endurance, which not every professional will dare to pass.

Marathon route along the Dead Sea starts in the vicinity of Amman at a height of 900 meters. Marathon has three stages: half-marathon, a distance of 21 kilometers, the standard marathon - 42 kilometers, and the super marathon, during which athletes have to overcome 50 kilometers. The super marathon is a unique sport event, because it finished in the lowest area of land on the planet - 400 meters below sea level. The difference in height during the track of the marathon is, therefore, 1300 meters.

The Dead Sea Marathon is held in extremely harsh conditions. The track of the race runs mostly on the open spaces of the Jordanian desert, which one can’t rely on the shadows.

The participants of the Marathon in Jordan can compete both alone, and in a team of 4 persons. For foreigners and residents of Jordan there are different conditions of registration as a participant. Thus, for the Jordanians, the participation fee will be 10-20 Jordanian dollars, a foreigner must pay 100 USD. Inquiries about participation can be sent to email

The Dead Sea Marathon is supported by the Society of help for neuralgic patients and under the direct patronage of Prince Hussein. In addition to the Dead Sea Marathon every year in December in Jordan is held a marathon in Aqaba also supported by the Society.

To date, Jordan strives for forming a tourist image of the country, where there are dozens of successful tourism destinations. The country now is known for the famous city in the rock of Petra, the resort of Aqaba on the Red Sea and the health resorts on the Dead Sea. Seeking to draw attention of tourists to other interesting holiday destinations Jordan regularly organize different kinds of events. The current marathon should be one of those events, which will allow Jordan to declare itself as a region of active and adventure tourism.

Date: 06/04/2010

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