The United States wants to limit the tourists in bathing

The United States wants to limit the tourists in bathing
The United States wants to limit the tourists in bathing
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In the United States are coming hard times for tourists. City Council of New Branufelse, Texas, will tighten the requirements for owners of private housing, who lease property in the city for vacation during the holidays and weekends. People of New Branufelse, tired of noisy tourists, try to ensure their tranquility by the legislation. Thus, one of the measures to combat over the noise in that city council proposed to introduce is a ban on the use of hot tub or Jacuzzi in the open air after 10 pm.

Authorities of New Branufelse are determined. Limitation of bathing is not the only recommendation that the Council put forward to the owners of cottages for rent. A special commission has studied numerous complaints from citizens and also intends to take additional measures to protect residents from noise.

Today among the possible measures that New Branufelse intends to apply to the owners of homes for rent is limitation of cars and people in the parking lot at night. For each of the houses is provided the maximum number of guests, who are allowed to stay. One bedroom is for rent for a maximum of two people plus not more than four additional guests. One car per bedroom is another restriction, which is being prepared to implement the Council of New Branufelse. They had also formulated the recommendations for lovers of night swimming: "No motiveless noise near the outdoor pools and whirlpool after 22.00"

One part of the list city officials expect to state as recommendations to owners of tourist accommodations. The second part of the recommendations is expected to be a law. Legislation will be prepared as complaints from the public will come. Neglectful homeowners plan to be punished with fines. For the most egregious cases the City authorities threaten to deprive the lessors of the license.

On March 2, 2010 in New Branufelse was held a special meeting, where were formulated the rules for the owners of the objects of short-term lease. Now, in order to come into force as a law a set of rules must be approved by the city council.

New Branufelse is a city founded in the 19th century by the immigrants from Germany. New Branufelse is known as a tourist destination in Texas due to the two scenic rivers - Guadalupe and Comal. In addition, the city has one of the most famous U.S. water parks - Schlitterbahn. New Branufelse is popular due to the annual Wurstfest Food Festival in late November.

Date: 15/03/2010


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