Jamaica plans to open the museum of reggae

Jamaica plans to open the museum of reggae
Jamaica plans to open the museum of reggae
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Jamaica plans to open in its capital Kingston the museum of the national musical culture. It is known that the main musical direction that made the country famous throughout the world is reggae. Therefore, most of the exhibits in Jamaica are expected to represent this style.

Among the unique artifacts that Jamaican authorities are planning to put on public display is a solo album by Bob Marley, recorded at the time when the singer was not internationally famous. Among other rarities is a recorded tape of another Jamaican reggae legend, Peter Tosh. In this record sounds the variation of the blues song in reggae style, made by Tosh in 1977 in New York with the leaders of the Rolling Stones Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. The museum exhibition will also be complemented with the album of Martha Vélez, whose producer in 1976 was Bob Marley.

Today the museum is in urgent need of financial assistance of the volunteers. Two years ago the musical heritage of Jamaica was severely damaged. From the archives of Jamaica Broadcasting Corp, the main company, where at one time were recorded almost all the leading reggae artists, two years ago lost a great record collection, including unique performances by Peter Tosh and Bob Marley. The collection was not found. The initiators of the creation of the museum expect that its opening would prevent such disappearances in the future and will help to maintain and augment the musical heritage of Jamaica.

Reggae for Jamaica is one of the main tourist brands. Therefore, the intention of the country’s authorities to once again draw attention to Jamaica with the help of this musical trend is quite naturally. Bob Marley has long been a symbol of the country. And he was not just a symbol, but the brand. And the extra confirmation of this is the recent scandal, which broke out in Jamaica in the autumn of 2009. Then the heirs of the singer came into confrontation with many unofficial producers of the products with the image of Marley. According to approximate estimates, the total proceeds from the production of unlicensed products using images, voices and works of Marley in the world exceeds 600 million dollars annually.

Date: 09/03/2010


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