In Thailand will celebrate the Thankfulness Day

In Thailand will celebrate the Thankfulness Day
In Thailand will celebrate the Thankfulness Day
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On February 28, 2010 in Thailand will be celebrated one of the most revered Buddhist Holidays - Makha Bucha, which is translated from Pali (Buddhist holy language) as "the Thankfulness Day ". On this day, the first day of the full moon of the third month of the lunar calendar, the Buddhists around the world pay tribute and gratitude to the Buddha himself for bringing his teachings to the world. According to the legend, on the day Buddha first appealed to his first disciples with the "Owada patimoka" preach and in it he outlined the basic postulates of the future world religion. By the way, the followers themselves also are a part of a legend, according to which the 1250 monks (each on its own initiative, without prior agreement) came from different places to pay homage to Buddha.

Thankfulness Day is a day off and people regardless of their social status can devote it to the ceremonial rites as well as take part in the candle procession or “Vien Tien”. During this day prayers are accompanied by such good deeds as treating the monks, releasing of birds and fish from the cells and aquariums. Makha Bucha is celebrated in the temples and monasteries throughout Thailand. At the end of the day everyone goes to the main prayer in the central hall of the temple. After this the monks carry the festively decorated statue of Buddha on special stretchers around the temple three times and the other members of the procession carry candles, incense sticks and lotus flowers.

The most important event of Makha Pucha is held in the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which is located in the Royal Palace in Bangkok and the King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) personally performs the religious ritual and later heads the candle procession inside the temple complex. A solemn ceremony is held for the "fixing" of the three basic principles of the Buddhist religion: non-resistance to evil, cultivating of good and cleansing the mind. Also on this day is paid a tribute the three pillar jewels of Buddhism: the most enlightened Buddha, the Dharma - his teachings and Sangkhe - the brotherhood of Buddhist monks, those who keep this doctrine.

Tourists visiting Thailand during the end of February - beginning of March will witness also another beautiful national holiday - the festival of kites.

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Date: 26/02/2010


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