In Vancouver will appear mini-apartments

In Vancouver will appear mini-apartments
Vancouver apartments for rent - one of the most expensive in Canada
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Vancouver, which in two weeks will host the 2010 Winter Olympics, even before obtaining the status of the capital of the Olympics was known as one of the most expensive cities in Canada in terms of property prices. On solving the problem of low-cost rental housing in Vancouver, Canadian designers have struggled for years. And, it seems, the low-cost apartments in Vancouver can be real in the near future. Canadian portal said that specifically for Vancouver were designed so-called "micro lofts" - a mini-apartment, with the total area of 270 square feet (approximately 25 square meters). To date, such a living space promises to be the cheapest of those that are available for rent in Vancouver. Anyway, the new micro lofts now are one of the smallest residences, which can be rented in Vancouver.

Micro lofts will be located in a historic building in Vancouver’s downtown. The house, built in the early 20th century, before becoming a mini-apartment complex served as a usual hotel. Today, in its former rooms will be created bachelors’ "dens", which in a small area can offer everything you need including bed, refrigerator, bathroom and kitchen. In the loft is also available a flat TV panel.

Mini-apartment complex is scheduled to open in 2011. Nevertheless, rental of new apartments in Vancouver is available even now. The cost of rental per month is about $ 675, almost a third less than the city’s average cost. So low rental rates are set not only due to the small size of the room. Downtown-Eastside, a district where is located the residences, is known as one of the most criminal in the city, which, of course, affected the price of housing. High level of crime, however, does not prevent the creators of the project to advertise a new type of housing as an affordable alternative of accommodation in Vancouver for couples.

Date: 02/02/2010


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