India holds the festival of lights

India holds the festival of lights
India holds the festival of lights
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On this Saturday, all the Hindus of the world in different parts of the world will celebrate the most popular and, perhaps, the most ancient Indian festival Diwali Festival of Lights (Diwali - Festival of Lights). The history of this Vedic festival (also known as Deepa-Wali - a fiery bunch) lasts for more than seven thousand years. This holiday is dedicated to the goddess of light and beauty Lakshmi Mata, as well as the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and the culture over ignorance.

According to the legend during Diwali souls of the dead may visit Earth and, therefore, the main attribute of the festival are glowing lanterns (traditional Deepa), as well as all kinds of candles, fireworks, torches, with which Hindus decorate their homes, gardens, statues of gods and animals to illuminate the way for their deceased relatives. Therefore, when the darkness come Indian cities from mega polises to small villages lighted by millions of bright lights turn into an unforgettable spectacle. And the air is shaken by the explosion of rockets, fireworks and firecrackers. Diwali Festival of Lights celebrated not only in India but in all countries where there are large Hindu community such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Fiji, as well as in the western metropolitan areas: Auckland, New Zealand, English, London and many U.S. cities. Naturally, the tradition of celebrating Deepa-Wali differs not only by the country, but also by provinces in India. For example, in some areas, Deepa Vali is celebrated as New Year, so they make gifts, to give back the debts and wear only new clothes. And in southern India Deepa-Wali is celebrated as the victory of God Krishna (the husband of Lakshmi Mata) over the demon Narakasura. On this day of the victory of good over evil according to the ancient Hindu tradition people richly oil themselves with coconut oil, which cleanses them of sin, as the ceremony is considered to be equal to the ablutions in the sacred Ganges.

Celebration of Diwali Festival of Lights in India lasts for 5 days, but in other countries this holiday is significantly reduced (2 days in Auckland and 1 day in some Arab countries). But despite this Festival of lights attracts many tourists with its charm and beauty.

Date: 16/10/2009


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