In 2010 in the U.S. will be opened Harry Potter Park

In 2010 in the U.S. will be opened Harry Potter Park
In 2010 in the U.S. will be opened Harry Potter Park
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One of the biggest entertainment centers of America - Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida - in spring 2010 promises to built a new entertainment megapark. It will be "The Magical World of Harry Potter" - a theme park, creation of which is based on the book about Harry Potter.

One of the main attractions of Harry Potter Park will be adventure attraction "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Adventure". In the development of the names for Harry Potter Park and the names of the main attractions was directly involved the author of the Potter saga JK Rowling.

"Harry Potter and the Forbidden Adventure" is a key attraction of the park, which will offer guests to make a pilgrimage to the memorial places of Potter’s adventures. Especially for the attraction was built a copy of the Hogwarts castle with a height of 200 meters.

The creators of the Potter Park uncovered a portion of the future surprises, which will wait for the attendees of "The Magical World of Harry Potter." Thus, the guests will arrive to the park through the large arched gateway of the Hogsmid station, a small village near Hogwarts. Locomotive steam, the whistle of the driver - everything will be done in order to create the illusion of presence in the Potter’s country.

The author of the bestseller hadn’t yet visited the future park. It is known that she jealously guards the image of Harry Potter, and closely monitors its consistent embodiment. It was proved by the repeated visits of the founders of the team in London. The developers of the park regularly went to Rowling in England for advice.

To create a truly special atmosphere in Potter Park, to work on the design of the park the Universal Company has invited Alan Gilmore and Stuart Craig - the artists who worked on the film versions of Harry Potter books.

Despite some financial difficulties, the creators of Harry Potter Park hope to open the park in the stated period. The creators say that in order to get the full experience from the world of Harry Potter, millions of those who have already read the book and watched movies, wish to experience the feeling of a fairy tale from their own experience. The organizers are almost certain that project will be successful. The theme park of Universal Company is visited by about 1 million tourists a year. With the building of new attractions under the brand of Harry Potter, the number of tourists should increase substantially.

Date: 16/09/2009


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