At Lake Baikal is opened a new unique tour

At Lake Baikal is opened a new unique tour
At Lake Baikal is opened a new unique tour
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Today more and more people prefer to spend their vacation not at the elite and crowded resorts, but at the quiet peaceful places, surrounded by unspoiled nature. Increasingly popular are eco hotels, where there are often no more than two dozens of visitors, or individual travel, fishing, ecological tours in the places where the primordial nature has been unchangeable for past hundreds of years and you can even not meet any person during the tour.

It is for the fans of this type of leisure travel agency "Baikal Adventure" has prepared a new unique proposal - an ethnographic fishing tour on the northern Baikal. The tourists arrive there by helicopter or by boat to the Evenk family-tribal community (land transport will not reach the destination). The community is called "Birokan" and consists of only 8 people. The main occupation of the family is hunting and fishing on the land with the territory of 30.3 thousand hectares of untouched taiga.

For future visitors the community had built two cozy and comfortable cottages that can receive no more than 10 people at once. And guests are invited to a classic fishing (the height of fishing season on Lake Baikal is in August and September), fishing and hunting with the Evenk traditions that have remained unchanged since pre-revolutionary times. Birokan’s guests can take part in hunting for bear, elk or wild boar, as well as to enjoy the superb fishing of grayling, tench and maygun (Evenks call so lenoks).

For the fans of more comfortable and civilized conditions of fishing in September for the first time will be organized fishing cruises on the Lake Baikal. The cruise the Small sea - Chevyrkuysky Bay - Davsha village - Kabany cape - Zavorotny cape - the Small Sea will last for 10 days. If earlier people who wanted to fish in the cruise were to lease the whole boat, now there are tours where you can book only a cruise cabin, or even only a place in the cabin.

Date: 11/08/2009


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