Fireworks in Australia

Fireworks in Australia
Royal show in Queensland, Australia
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More than 200 thousand tourists from all parts of Australia and all around the world will arrive to in beginning of August to Brisbane - the capital of the Australian state of Queensland. In this third largest city of Australia, on August 6, will be opened the most popular and beloved Fair show - Ekka.

Originally, the fair was called «Brisbane Exhibition», the other a little pathos name - «Royal Queensland Show». As a result of combining the different abbreviations and names, the event has gradually become known as simply Ekka.

This festival has its own long tradition that began in 1876. What once began as a farmers' agricultural fair through many years has developed into a complex of numerous exhibitions, parades, shows and concerts. Now Ekka is a real noisy and colorful festival, it lasts for 10 days, but the most important day, as before, is considered to be the «People's Day». This day, as it usually falls on Wednesday, all residents of Brisbane has day off, so at the Ekka is a lot of people and to get to many of the performances and shows is almost impossible. If only to take care about it in advance and to reserve a room.

To see and try everything at the Ekka you need to come in the morning and be at the fair until late at night. You should visit the various exhibitions and shows, which offer all kinds of agricultural products and national works of art, there are working a variety of attractions for children and adults, and numerous tents selling food for all tastes from the cuisines of many countries of the world, on several sites are held daily concerts, dog show and fashion parade are very popular. To crown it all, here you can find entertainment for all tastes and to remember Brisbane forever.

Date: 07/08/2009


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