The best beach of the world 2009 was named

The best beach of the world 2009 was named
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Recreation on the beaches of Turkey is a mass type of tourism in Turkey, which is considered to be a classic version of the summer holidays for millions of Europeans. The beaches of Bodrum, Antalya beaches, beaches of Kusadasi - annually on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey hundreds of thousands of Germans, Russians, Frenchmen and Englishmen spend summer vacations.

Recently in Spain was held a meeting of the International Fund for Education and Environmental Protection, among other topics, was discussed the environmental situation of sea. During the discussion were considered only those beaches that have "blue flag", i.e. have a certificate of high quality. Among the main criteria, particular attention was paid to waste management, coastal planning and protection of coastal areas. As a result, the "exemplary beach" was named the Turkish beach Akyaka, located in the Gulf of Mule region.

Akyaka is a small cozy resort town almost a village with a population of just 3 thousand people. It stretches along the foothills of the rocky mountains, surrounded by magnificent virgin forests, mountain rivers and meadows filled with field flowers. While at the height of tourist season it attracts many tourists, there are no noise and crowds. Akyaka is a unique resort for those who wish to relax in the tranquility and seclusion, surrounded by magnificent nature. Due to its geographical location Akyaka can offer its guests a wide variety of entertainment, from diving in the cleanest coastal waters and yacht trips (which can be rented right on the quay) to the excellent fishing in fresh waters and kayaking on a mountain river. Moreover, in the village of Akyaka there are nine months of the year with sunny weather. This place in Turkey is considered to be one of the most popular recreation areas and from Dalaman airport it is only 50 minutes drive.

Date: 29/07/2009


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