The new eco-hotel in Chile

The new eco-hotel in Chile
The new eco-hotel in Chile
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In the south of the longest country in the world, Chile, in the National Ecological Reserve Huilo-Huilo has recently opened a unique eco-hotel «The Magic Mountain». The extravagance of the hotel consists in that the building is built in the form of the mountain a waterfall on the top and rooms with the view on the current flow of the water from the window. The sound and the view of falling water together with the surrounding virgin forest create the illusion of the incredible presence on the mountain waterfall.

By the way, the largest waterfall in Chile at the height of 50 meters is situated in this national park, which gave the name to the entire park. The Magic Mountain is a relatively small hotel with 13 comfortable rooms offered to the visitors. In the decoration of all rooms as well as in the construction of the building were used only natural materials, beautifully made stone statues, handcrafted wooden furniture, woven mats and fresh flowers, all this gives the hotel a fascinating original charm. There are restaurant, sauna, bar, small playground for mini golf, children's room and laundry. In the hotel is constantly being formed groups for the tours of varying difficulty and duration to the reserve surrounding the hotel.

In recent years Chile attracts more and more tourists. It is not only the longest country, but also the most southern, also in Chile there is the driest place in the world (Atacama Desert), and the highest number of climatic and landscape zones, from the tropics and the mountains with active volcanoes to the tundra swamps and the steppes. The most famous sights of Chile are Lake Chungara, geysers of El Tatio, Lake Miskanti, granite "towers" of Torres del Paine, archaeological monuments of Kopakilya and Sapauira, as well as the mysterious island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island).

Date: 13/07/2009


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