Ten most unusual hotels according to the Trip Advisor

Ten most unusual hotels according to the Trip Advisor
Ten most unusual hotels according to the Trip Advisor
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The famous American company Trip Advisor, which consults hotels, resorts, tour operators and tourists all over the world, published the new rating list. This time, in it were included the most unusual hotels, those who were able to impress the imagination of its guests. Some of these "wonderful" hotels will be considered below.

So, on the first place is Gamisaru Cave Hotel, Turkish hotel located in the caves on the place of reconstructed millennial monastic refuge. The hotel has 25 rooms in which the asceticism of monastic cells combined with elements of modern design: marble baths, wireless Internet, etc.

The second place holds Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa (UAE), made in a Bedouin-style camps, located far away in the desert (50 minutes drive from Dubai), this hotel attracts people to ride a camel, to take part in falconry and try archery. Despite the seeming simplicity of the exterior, with a bias to the old days, each of the deluxe rooms is equipped with the latest technology and fashion, and many rooms have their own pools.

Complete the top three Spanish Silken Puerta America. Located in the central district of Madrid, the hotel is a monument to the modern design. The development of architectural style and design of the hotel was made by such masters of architectural art as: Norman Foster, Jean Nouvelles, Ushid Finlay, Zaha Hadid and John Powson. Each of the 12 floors the hotel has its own unique style, shape and color. So one of the floors fascinates with its curved walls, round beds and a single black-and-red color scale, and on the other floor there are antique lamps, fresh orchids and classic furniture create an atmosphere of luxury and romance.

The remaining seven places have been taken by the following hotels: Hotel de Glace (Quebec, Canada), Malmaison Oxford Castle (England), the plant for the production of tea (Sri Lanka), Huvafen Fushi (Maldives), Imperial Boat House Hotel (Thailand), "towers in the jungle" Ariau Jungle Towers (Brazil), Dog Bark Park Inn (Idaho, USA).

Date: 24/06/2009


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