Rezidor opens new hotel in Medina

Rezidor opens new hotel in Medina
Rezidor opens new hotel in Medina
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In the 20-s of August, before the beginning of the holy Islamic month of Ramadan, in Medina will be completed the construction of a new hotel Al Muna Karim Radisson Blu. This hotel belongs to Rezidor hotel chain and will already be the tenth hotel of this company in Saudi Arabia. The other hotels are located in the cities of Al-Riyard, Jeddah, Al-Hubar and Yanbu. The hotel will have 322 rooms, some of which will be superior class and deluxe, in addition, the restaurant located in the hotel, shopping gallery, as well as a number of technically equipped conference halls.

Thanks to its location (Al Muna Karim Radisson Blu is located next to the shrine of Islamic world, the Mosque of Prophet Mohammed, and only 15 minutes drive from the international airport of Medina), the hotel will enjoy great popularity among the pilgrims who annually visit the city during the Hajj and Umrah. It should be noted that in recent time, the Saudi authorities have taken a number of broad actions for the development of the country's tourism and to attract pilgrims. Visa regime was facilitated, airport zone was expanded, and for infrastructure development district created new lines of railways and highways. In —Āonnection with the events the management of company Rezidor has decided to increase tourism activities in Saudi Arabia.

Medina is the second most holy Muslim city after Mecca, is located in western Saudi Arabia near Hijaz. It was here in the year 632 where the Prophet Muhammad died, and here is the Prophet's Mosque, known as the Dome of the Prophet, or the «Green Dome». In Medina is also the first Islamic mosque, Masjid-Cuba. Among other attractions in Medina attracting a large number of tourists is worth noting the tombs of Fatima (daughter of Muhammad), Abu Bakr (the first caliph and the father of one of the wives of the Prophet) and Umar ibn Khattab (the second caliph), as well as a large number of mosques made in different architectural styles .

Date: 24/06/2009


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