Diving festival on the Montserrat Island

Diving festival on the Montserrat Island
Diving festival on the Montserrat Island
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Grand diving festival will begin on June 27 on the Montserrat Island in the Caribbean Sea. During a week guests of the island will witness and participate in the colorful and fascinating activities. This festival will be the 16th, but on Montserrat it will be held for the first time, the previous festivals were held on the island of Dominica. According to the organizers of the festival, its purpose is to attract the attention of the tourists to the rich flora and fauna of the marine waters of Caribbean islands. Diving festival will be interesting as for experienced divers (for them will be organized special thematic programs) and for beginners, who will be able to participate in the master-classes of the professional swimmers. Even for the children it will be very interesting to visit the festival; the second day of the fest, on 28 June will be devoted to the youngest of its participants. In special basins will be held swimming lessons, where children will be able to learn about the marine ecosystem and the life of coral reefs and their inhabitants.

There also will be a lot of amusing contests and theatrical performances in which they can feel themselves real researchers of the sea depths. But those tourists who are totally indifferent to the underwater world and diving in general, will not be bored at the festival. For them will be organized a broad program: bus and hiking tours to the rain forest (Montserrat, like Ireland, is called the Emerald Island), visiting the famous Volcano Observatory in Flemmings. It was created specifically for monitoring the active volcano Soufriere-Volcanic-Hill, because of the eruption, due to which, in 1995, the former capital of the island Plymouth became known as the "Caribbean Pompey." In addition, guests can visit the island's historical reserve Carrs Bay, located on the shores of the same bay, and watch the ancient ruins of the fort of XVII century.

Date: 23/06/2009


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