Costa Cruises launches two new liners

Costa Cruises launches two new liners
Costa Cruises launches two new liners
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The leading European cruise company Costa Cruises, which is in a holding company Carnival Corporation, in the middle of the summer this year, launches at once two luxury cruise ships, Costa Luminosa and Costa Pacifica. Both ships were designed by architect and interior designer Joseph Farcus.

Chief designer of Carnival Corporation decided to use for designing various artistic styles. For example, Costa Luminosa of 92 600 tons' displacement is the concept of modern luxury and high tech. All 1130 cabins are trimmed with exclusive materials: black and mahogany wood, ivory, precious kinds of marble (more than 29 varieties), granite and quartz. And 770 cabins have their own balcony with a view of a small summer garden. In the design of the ship were used more than 188 originals and 4000 copies of magnificent works of art. There is a cinema on the liner, equipped with the latest technology 4D, which makes watching of movies an unforgettable entertainment. A distinctive feature of Costa Luminosa is a unique rolledrom on the open deck. The ship can take on board at once 2826 passengers and plans to carry out cruises throughout Northern Europe in summer and to the Middle East in winter.

Costa Pacifica’s design theme is a melody, the ship’s passengers would be permanently surrounded by a pleasant unobtrusive music and its visual symbols, they will be provided with a professional recording studio with the supporting staff, in which the musicians will be able to study and record their compositions, and mere travelers just to keep the performing of favorite songs for themselves. Theaters and concert halls of the liner have excellent acoustics and high credibility of transmission of sound, in its decorating was used exclusive Venetian glass. Guests can use the service of Samsara Spa center, which occupies an area of 6000 square meters and is the largest in the world's cruise fleet. Costa Pacifica will be able to take on board 3,850 passengers and plans to make cruises in the western and eastern Mediterranean.

Date: 21/05/2009


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