New Zealand ski season opens early

New Zealand ski season opens early
New Zealand ski season opens early
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Ski Resorts of New Zealand has long been known worldwide as one of the most popular places for skiing in the summer and this is despite the fact that New Zealand is located in a tropical climatic zone. This year, however, fans of winter sports expects a pleasant surprise, the fact is that over the past three weeks there have been very heavy snowfalls and the New Zealand ski resorts are ready to open the season ahead of time.

Usually, the receiving of the first tourists here begins no earlier than mid-June, and such amount of snow in May was last recorded in 1985. Therefore, in a week skiing Mount Hutt Station will open its doors to visitors. A week’s delay is due to the fact that the maintenance staff was caught off guard by the nature, and while the thickness of snow cover is already enough for skiing and is 110 centimeters, it is urgent to check the readiness of the entire infrastructure. Coronet Peak ski center has just announced its opening on May 25. A similar situation is observed in all resorts of the southern island.

New Zealand is located in an active volcanic zone, which explains the existence of thermal waters and geyser valleys, so the nature amazes by its beauty and diversity. There are great opportunities for hunting and fishing.

The slopes of the mountains are almost bare (which increases the length and quality of alpine skiing tracks), the number of holidaymakers is incomparably lower than in European resorts, but the infrastructure is not inferior to the latter. In addition to skiing tracks there are incredible opportunities for Heli-Skiing, Heli-Snowboarding - (the climbing on the mountain is carried out by helicopter), this method in skiing is spread only in New Zealand. All this makes the rest at New Zealand ski resorts increasingly popular.

Date: 21/05/2009


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