The United States will host a wine festival

The United States will host a wine festival
The United States will host a wine festival
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One of the oldest cities in the U.S., Pensacola, located on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, in Florida, will host from 2 to 5 of April a wine festival. It will be the fourth festival of its kind, its slogan for this year is "The taste of Spain". Therefore, most of the wines proposed for the tasting will be exactly Spanish, but apart from noble drinks at the festival are also represented all kinds of delicious dishes from different countries that wouldn’t leave indifferent even the most nagging gourmets. In addition to exotic cuisine festival participants can enjoy the magnificent jazz concerts to be held during the festival. And the local art gallery will host an exhibition of art, where will be presented paintings of well-known artists, as well as jewelry and handmade articles of natural stone. The theme of all works will be wine and everything associated with it. All visitors of the gallery reached the age of 21 will be invited to sample a large number of wine. In addition, the festival will open the "wine school", where under the guidance of an experienced sommelier anyone can learn to distinguish the sorts of wine, its blend and composition.

The history of Pensacola begins in 1559 when the Spaniards had founded a settlement on the banks of the Gulf of Mexico, later the city passed to France, Great Britain. Pensacola is often called as «the city of five flags» designating that in various times the city was under the protectorate of Spain, France, Great Britain, the United States and CSA. Today Pensacola is known worldwide for its beaches with white sand, which is called here "powdered" for its weightlessness and softness. The beach of Santa-Rosa is considered to be the best beach of America. In addition, Pensacola constantly hosts various hangouts, from the festival of sausages and white wine to the international festival of jazz and film that attracts in the city a large number of tourists.

Date: 07/04/2009


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