New resort complex will be built in the Dominican republic

New resort complex will be built in the Dominican republic
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In the Cabarete city, one of the Dominican recreation centers, has began the construction on a new luxurious five-star spa hotel Palmera de Cabarete. On the territory of eight hectares will be located three huge freshwater swimming pools with ocean view, ultra-modern spa-center, sport club and tennis court, as well as children amusement park, conference hall, shops and office of 24H concierge service. Its own private beach length of 300 meters promises to be the most comfortable and popular in the Dominican Republic. The hotel itself will include 138 suits, which will be notable for a particular style and luxury. Each penthouse will be equipped with its own large swimming pool, sauna with shower and a summer kitchen.

Visitors of the new hotel in Cabarete could choose rooms, designed in three different design styles: tropical, classical and traditional. The interior decoration of rooms is exquisite too; hand-made furniture and inlaid with mother-of-pearl, had been made in the best European and Cuban workshops; floor, wall and ceiling are trimmed with marble, Cuban tiles and fine wood. At the same time, technically, all rooms are equipped with the latest technology: wireless Internet, air conditioning, satellite TV and much more, that would make the rest at the hotel as comfortable as possible. On the construction of a new resort in Cabarete will be spent over 200 million dollars, while its opening is planned in a year and a half.

Quite recently Cabarete was a small coastal town, whose inhabitants made their living by fishing, but due to its geographical location and natural features the city began to enjoy great popularity among windsurfers, and today, according to the British magazine Boards, Cabarete is one of the ten best places in the world for active marine recreation. And therefore an annual Cabarete Race Week, the international windsurfing competition, is held here.

Date: 03/04/2009


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