Pharaoh festival in Egypt

Egypt, Abu Simbel
Egypt, Abu Simbel
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Winter tour to Egypt promises to be a bright event. Egypt again invites its visitors to take part in Abu Simbel Festival which will take place on February 22, 2009 near Lake Nasser and the city of Abu Simbel, in the ancient Egyptian temple of Ramses II. This temple has been constructed about 3500 years ago and it is a part of "Nubian monuments" which are included into the list of the World Heritage by UNESCO.

The cave temple of Pharaoh Ramses II in Abu Simbel, is one of the most known and visited sights of ancient Egyptian culture. Its uniqueness includes the following. Two times a year on the 22nd of October and on the 22nd of February, due to the peculiarities of location (it is strict on the axis East - West) and mastery of the ancient architects, the first beam of the sun falling on the walls of the temple, through a special aperture lights up a small hall, the last from four, where only Pharaoh entered. Four sculptures, as well as near the entrance of the temple, stand there: three gods - Amun-Ra, Harmakhis, Ptah and the Pharaoh himself. Thereby the sunlight stops on the statues of Amun-Ra and Harmakhis for a moment, and then for 12 minutes brightly illuminate a sculpture of Ramses II. However, light never gets to the figure of Ptah – the god of darkness. This «sun miracle» attracts tourists from all over the world to Egypt. After the figures of the Pharaoh and the Egyptian gods have been again plunged in darkness, visitors leave a temple to take part in the further holiday. They can enjoy the dramatized show, colorful light and musical demonstrations and take part in fair and a carnival.

Near the temple of Abu Simbel there is a Lake Nasser – the greatest in the world man-made lake which is considered to be the best place in the world for catching fresh-water fish, such as cat fish, huge Nile perch and tiger fish. Besides that, tourists can make three – four day cruise over the lake by comfortable steam-ships, so-called «floating hotels».


Date: 18/01/2009


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