The Arctic base "Barneo" will open for tourists

The Arctic base
The Arctic base "Barneo" will open for tourists
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In three month fans of truly fascinating and extreme rest will be able to please themselves with a new, unforgettable tourist route. The matter is that from the beginning of April 2009 Russian arctic drifting station «Barneo», which is located practically on the North Pole, will be available for tourists.

A new travel tour to the North Pole becomes possible thanks to the joint project of Association of tour operators of Russia and the Union of polar explorers. The tourist season on «Barneo», however, as well as research expedition will last for only one month-April. Duration of tours will vary from 3 days to 1 week.

Organizers of the travel route are sure, that even during such short term tourist will receive lots of unforgettable impressions and check themselves in extreme situation. It is important to notice that, for those, who want to visit the North Pole, a special insurance is provided and for some programs a health certificate is required. It is natural, that on an ice floe there will be no spa-salons, night clubs and discos. The tourist camp will consist of a wardroom, kitchen, inhabited tents and a bath. However it is planned to open a restaurant with a Russian cuisine. Anyways, tourists will have a possibility to reach the most northern point of our planet on skis, dog teams, or by a helicopter. Time required to reach from Moscow to «Barneo» is surprisingly short – only 10 hours with a transfer in Spitsbergen, where 4-stars hotel SAS is available for tourists.

Research station "Barneo" was constructed in 2000. Its existence has a seasonal nature. In the end of March experts find the suitable ice floe drifting around the North Pole, throw on it fuel and technics for constructing a landing strip. Then heavy planes, which bring tents, kitchen, heating systems and everything else required for a normal life of people, land there. The base exists only one month, and then gathers and taken away on continent.

Date: 09/01/2009


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